We have three core goals

To be the light for women who are suffering in silence without hope.

To remove stress and anxiety so they can sleep at night without worrying how they will feed their children.

To empower them to build a future for themselves, because they are enough and they do matter.

Supporting business

Empowering women in their ambitions is fundamental to our vision. To do this we provide funding to buy essential business equipment and supplies to kick start and sustain their livelihoods and their independence. We will support women in urgent need in any way we can. From providing sanitation and clean water so they don’t have to travel for hours to find it, to short-term funding for accommodation while they set up their business.

Our mid-term plan

To ensure long-term sustainable support we are working towards building a small sewing factory with a creche and emergency shelter using the money raised from events. This will allow our beneficiaries to work and train in the factory on a flexible hours basis so they can continue with their obligations at home. They can bring their children to work with them and the most vulnerable women who have been physically/sexually abused can access the 24-hour emergency shelter.

Our long-term aim

We know that women are in need worldwide and we want Butterfly Charity to go global. After setting up in as many villages in Bangladesh as possible, we plan to work in rural villages in Africa and other third world countries to help women worldwide and be the voice for the voiceless.

Led by our beneficiaries

Our commitment is to work closely with our beneficiaries to help them reach their unique goals. Discover some of the ways we are helping.