Helping women spread their wings

Butterfly Charity is dedicated to helping the most vulnerable women in rural Bangladesh. Read some of their stories and discover how we are helping them fight poverty and escape abuse.

Trigger Warning: The women we support have suffered deep hardship and, in many cases, emotional and physical abuse. It’s important for us to be able to share these details so that our supporters can understand the huge benefit that they are providing to these women. However, their stories are harrowing and there may be triggers for anyone who has suffered in similar ways.

Meet Ayshea

Ayshea is a divorced single mother. Worrying about how she was going to feed her daughter was a constant source of sleepless nights and anxiety. She would pray to be able to provide for her daughter.

Ayshea was willing to work and wanted to be a role model to her daughter. She knows how to sew, so we provided her with a brand new sewing machine. She launched her own tailoring business and now makes clothes for the women in surrounding villages.

Ayshea is so thankful that her prayer has been answered and she can now see a future for herself and her daughter.

We have distributed sewing machines to many women along with funding to pay towards sewing classes.

Ayshea’s sewing machine cost £50. With your support we can help even more women like Ayshea who want to work and have a better life.

Meet Jorna

Jorna lives with her daughter and mother. Sadly, her husband died a few years ago, which left her fending for her family as the main provider. Financial stress was her biggest concern.

When we provided Jorna with a rickshaw to rent out for a daily income she couldn’t contain her happiness. Tightly hugging our founder, Shahida, Jorna’s pain and joy were revealed.  She can now sleep better at night without the worry of having enough money for food.

With her own business she has hope for a better future for her family.

There are many more women like Jorna – single mothers who are praying for help.

Jorna’s ricksaw cost £150.  With your support  we can provide more single mums with the tools to start their own enterprise.

Meet Masuma

Masuma has a son and is expecting her second child. She ran away and married the man that she fell in love with. This was frowned upon by her family and they disowned her.

Masuma lives with her husband and in-laws. The first few months of her marriage was going well until her husband started mentally and physically abusing her.

Despite being pregnant Masuma is still being beaten. Her self-esteem has been battered and she lives in constant fear for herself, her son and her unborn baby. Her husband has threatened to leave her and marry someone else. If he does, she will struggle to survive.

She can’t return to her family – they won’t help her because she ran away and, they say, brought shame to the family’s reputation.

With your support we hope to open a small sewing factory with an emergency shelter to help women like Masuma to escape to a safe place. In the meantime we have provided financial assistance for Masuma and are looking to get her into a shelter.

Meet Leila

Leila is only 12 years old. She lives with her family and grandparents. Leila is regularly sexually abused by her grandfather. Due to poverty and a culture of shame for sexual abuse victims her mother doesn’t have the power to do anything about it.

We have provided financial assistance for Leila for now and are in the process of getting her out of the village to a safe place.

Sadly there are more women and girls like Leila who need emergency shelter. We need to help them. No one should live in fear, worrying if tonight is the night that it will happen again.

With your support we can help girls like Leila escape this terrible abuse.

Meet Fatima

Fatima is struggling financially with two children in a village with no clean water.

She has to travel to the neighbouring village and transport water with her two children in order to drink and wash.

All Fatima wants is a water tube for her village and a toilet with a door for privacy.

A water tube costs £200 and a toilet costs £45. With your support we can help Fatima and many more women like her have the very basics in life.

Meet Amina

Amina was divorced by her abusive husband and now she is struggling financially with two children. She is unable to go to work, but she can take care of animals. We provided her with a goat, baby lamb and chickens.

Amina now has access to fresh milk for her children and eggs. We’re in process of getting more animals for her to look after and later sell. With this income she can pay for her food and school supplies for her children.

Many abused single mums like Amina aren’t able to go to work, or don’t have the courage or skill to. It’s not the norm in the villages for a woman to work as it’s considered a man’s responsibility to take care of the women.  Looking after animals, however, is more accepted for them.

With your support we can provide more women like Amina with animals to take care of to produce food and an income.

Meet MOnara

Monara is a single mother with one daughter. She works very hard in the tea gardens in Bangladesh, for very little money. She is constantly worried about the future and struggling to pay for her daughter’s school books and ongoing expenses.

We are working towards getting a regular income for her so she doesn’t have to worry about her daughter’s education.

With your support we can help Monara and others like her find a stable income to provide for their families.