Butterfly Charity is dedicated to empowering abused women and single mothers in rural Bangladesh.

By providing the tools and funding to run their own businesses, we support our beneficiaries to live a more independent life. But we couldnโ€™t do it without you.

As a volunteer-led charity, every penny of your donations goes towards our aim: to help women find their wings. When a woman is financially stable, she is mentally strong, and when she is mentally strong, she can handle anything.

Escaping poverty and pain

Meet some of the women we have helped and discover the difference your donation can make.

Meet Jorna

Jorna lives with her daughter and mother.

Sadly, her husband died a few years ago, which left her fending for her family as the main provider.

The financial stress was her biggest concern.

Meet Fatima

Fatima is struggling financially with two children in a village with no clean water.

All Fatima wants is a water tube for her village and a toilet with a door for privacy.

Meet Ayshea

Ayshea is a divorced single mother.

Worrying about how she was going to feed her daughter was a constant source of sleepless nights and anxiety. She would pray to be able to provide for her daughter.

How your donation helps

Your generosity is helping some of the most vulnerable women in Bangladesh. Women who are living with or escaping abuse, and those who are bringing up children on their own.

For women living with abuse

Supporting their businesses ensures women donโ€™t need to ask for money from abusive partners. It also eases financial strain in the household, reducing the chance of physical or mental abuse.

For single mothers

Running a business is an opportunity to build a future for their children. They can sleep better at night, free from worry about where their next meal is coming from or how to pay for their children’s education.

Everyone has a right to be happy and feel safe. Together we can reach out and be the light for these women.